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Butterface Beauties

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Meet Cory Jade who I personally rate to be a butterface girl and you should feel free to disagree because tastes differ and that is exactly the point here. Let me explain:

For those who don’t know, a butterface girl is a girl who has everything else great, aka her body, but her face not so much. Cory here has an amazing body, hard to argue that part.

The thing is though that the sheer volume of girls at the Cambb site is so impressive that I have to tell you that if you’re not able to find someone to your taste there then quite frankly the problem is on your side. And I said girls but actually they cover the entire spectrum.

As I write this I see Cory performed less than 24 hours ago and with us heading into the weekend I can only imagine she will be on again soon. I urge you to check her out at but browse around too, you’ll may be just as surprised as I was by the amazing talents on cam sites these days.

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