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Characteristics of an ‘Unsuitable’ Marriage Partners

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Are you still contented with the person you married five, ten, or twenty years ago? Do you still like and love them like before? Or you are the people who say, given a second chance, I’d never want to look at him or her again?

Relationships are complicated; as those with experience would put it. Those who know it better would also say that it only works when compatibility, self-sacrifice, respect, and commitment join hands. Some try and before making any step fall. Others struggle and along the way when something happens they separate. Another group consists of those who manage it to the top level, getting married, but after that, their relationship begins to waver. Mutual love and respect reduce and hatred takes center stage.

The unsuitability of a partner would come mainly when a change of character prevails. When a person who was responsible before suddenly becomes careless with their lives and more so their families, the relationship loses track. Let us look at some of the so-called ‘unsuitable’ partners and find out what makes them so.


The wheels of any successful healthy relationship run on excellent communication. If your partner no longer communicates, it means you won’t know their whereabouts, and that equals unhealthy relationships. People do change before marriage one can be communicative but after that, goals and values change, and so their operations.


Trust is very crucial as far as maintaining a healthy marriage relationship is of concern. If you have an unreliable partner, it means you are risking being hurt someday. These people can do a lot of awful things behind your back, which eventually may easily lead to breaking up.

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Joining hands as husband and wife can often mean that you are committing yourself to take care of one another and helping grow your relationship. When a partner fails to honor this, the relationship crumbles. Uncooperative people are selfish and never suitable marriage partners to be with. Instead of joy, they will always bring you pain no matter how hard you try to revive the relationship.


Excessive anger only damages relationships. Partners in marriage need to control their emotions, especially when they feel hurt. Perfectionism is not for humans. Mistakes will always be there, but a mature way of dialogue solves everything.


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