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Their Oral Adventures

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The thing about couples blowjob cams is that you’re actually taking a look into a real couple’s most intimate moments. When you watch porn you’re essentially watching actors on a stage. I mean, don’t get me wrong. They obviously love fucking and the passion is real. You can tell by how rock-hard the guys are. The babes get so soaking wet, and that can’t be faked. And you definitely cannot fake a hot load of jizz dumped all over a hot babe’s face or spilled down her throat. But even then, they are performing in front of a cameraman, there’s a crew on set, a director, and occasionally a script to follow. 

But with live cams, you are given a full experience. You also can communicate with them and let them know what you want to watch, like directing your own porno! And with it all going down in real-time right in front of your very eyes! They even get more of a thrill out of it knowing you’re watching, so it’s a hot experience for them as much as it is for you!

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